A.G.A.P.E. on Course: Learning and Playing with Coach Bill Hughes

I began golf lessons with Bill Hughes of Bill Hughes Golf, LLC in April of this year, and I have seen significant improvement in my golf game. Bill is dedicated to increasing diversity in golf globally through instruction, education, and play, and he's been instrumental to his students' success all over the Greater Philadelphia area. Since first picking up a club in 2014 and aggressively learning and playing since 2018, I realized that I picked up some bad habits that adversely affected my ability to strike the ball consistently. For example, my inability to relax (at times) often resulted in holding on to the grips of my clubs waaaayyyy too tight, and my shoulders tightened and dipped on my backswing. I've had several one-off golf lessons, but my habits seemingly went unnoticed.

In my first lesson with Bill, I became conscious of what my body was doing, which allowed me to analyze what I did right and wrong after each ball strike. As a lawyer, I am predisposed to overthinking and trying to overachieve at EVERYTHING. Bill's patience, combined with his expectation of excellence, is what keeps me motivated to come to class and build upon the fundamentals. I believe Bill's success as a golf instructor stems from his passion for seeing his students get better at golf and the A.G.A.P.E. system: Aim. Grip. Align. Posture. Execute. When I'm on course now, I remember to aim with the leading edge of my clubs. I hear Bill's voice in my ear when I grip my clubs and am conscious of holding them firm but not tight. Golf is a game of angles, and now I am more aware of the alignment of my shoulders, hips, knees, and feet in relation to the target. I now know that when my club and body are square to the target that my posture is correct. Finally, putting all these elements together, I execute and strike the ball with a progressive swing.

There's so much to remember when playing a round of golf, but being mindful of A.G.A.P.E. and consistently applying this method has led to a confidence I never had before. I'm shaving off strokes along the way! Check out this video footage from my playing lesson with Bill at Westover Golf Club in Norristown, PA this summer. He's super humble but a beast on the course...the proof is in his play-the-A.G.A.P.E. way! Thanks for reading! If you're interested in lessons, hit Bill up at

Keep swinging,


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