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Throughout my career and in my leisure time, I have consistently played the roles of a visionary and advocate for women in the world of golf. It has become abundantly clear to me that a golf course offers far more than just a setting for hitting golf balls for 4.5 hours. It serves as a crucible for forging connections and facilitating essential business transactions. Even during the peak of the 2020 pandemic, when options for social interaction and exercise were limited, I found solace and engagement on the golf course.

After numerous rounds and ample downtime, I embarked on the journey of establishing The Femelanated Golfer (TFG). This vibrant and diverse golf lifestyle organization for women emerged as a testament to my passion for the sport and its potential to bring people together.

My immersion in golf began in 2014, and since then, I have embraced it with unwavering enthusiasm. Along this path, I uncovered a disheartening history deeply intertwined with my own identity as a woman of color. I firmly believe that golf, as well as the golf industry itself, continues to grapple with the legacy of actively barring women and African Americans from participation. A glaring example of this exclusion is Augusta National Golf Club, which only opened its doors to women members in 2012. Disturbingly, one of the club's founders, Clifford Roberts, declared in 1933 that, "As long as I'm alive... all the golfers will be white, and all the caddies will be black." These prejudiced attitudes were not limited to private golf clubs; they were enshrined in Jim Crow laws that systematically disenfranchised African Americans from various public spaces, including golf courses.

This stark reality of sexism and racism cannot be left unaddressed, and it fuels my determination to make TFG a driving force dedicated to ensuring that golf becomes a game accessible to and enjoyed by all. Consequently, my passion for growing The Femelanated Golfer community burns with an unyielding intensity. By actively participating and excelling on the golf course, we collectively dismantle antiquated notions and beliefs that suggest we do not belong. At TFG, we extend a warm welcome to women of all skill levels, with nothing more than a positive attitude and patience required to navigate your way to the green.
Keep swinging,

Lauren (Lo’) Smith, TFG Founder



Empower. Transform. Play

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