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Hi, I’m Lauren! I am an ambitious, driven, and compassionate leader born and raised in Dallas, Texas who now calls Philly home. Upon graduating with my J.D. from the Southern University Law Center in 2019, I moved to Philadelphia to become a public servant at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office. Throughout my career and in my quiet moments I’ve been the visionary and advocate for young professional women of color to learn the game of golf. I've learned that much more happens on a golf course than just whacking balls. Relationships are cultivated and business deals are struck. At the height of the 2020 pandemic, I frequented the only place open for social interaction and exercise: the golf course! After a few rounds and with lots of down time, I set out to create The Femelanated Golfer (TFG), a golf lifestyle organization for women of color.

In 2014, I began aggressively learning the game and have been an avid golfer ever since. Along the way, I began to learn that my newfound hobby had a dark history which resonated deeply with me. I believe the game of golf and the golf industry are still overcoming the twin ills of actively prohibiting women and African Americans from playing the sport. According to Women’s Golf Journal, Augusta National Golf Club didn’t open its doors to women members in 2012, and Clifford Roberts, one of the club’s founders in 1933 said “As long as I’m alive...all the golfers will be white and all the caddies will be black.” These attitudes weren’t just held by “old fogeys” and their progeny at private golf clubs, states legally disenfranchised African Americans from lunch counters, department stores, and yes, golf courses among other places of public accommodation through Jim Crow laws. This sobering reality of sexism and racism won’t go away on its own, and my goal is to be one of many drivers dedicated to making golf a game for everyone to enjoy. 

That is why I am so fiercely passionate and enthusiastic about growing The Femelanated Golfer with you, as a participant and advocate to help expand golf’s reach. By showing up to play and playing well, we chip away at antiquated attitudes and beliefs that we don’t belong. TFG welcomes all skill levels, including those who have never picked up a club (those are my favorite). A good attitude and patience are all you need to get you to the green!

Thank you for visiting the site, and I hope you join me for future TFG events!  ⛳

Keep swinging,

Lauren (Lo’) Grant



Empower. Transform. Play

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